Monday, February 27, 2006

The Birth....

Hello and welcome!

I apologise for the name of the site, and to those of you having been lead here in the search for gay porn...for this purpose I suggest looking at and using the username rob when asked to sign in.

Anyway, this site will be one of those cheeky free ones that take five seconds to set up and is based on the Arsenal and their ups, but mostly this season, downs!
I can't promise you a daily update like some other excellent blogs out there, but like many of you, I enjoy the opinions and discussion of our club with other fans, so essentially this is a mouth piece for me to vent through etc...and hopefully get some feed back, day...possibly...if I'm lucky. But whatever I do post, feel free to give me any comments on the content as I can only get better with help.

Enjoy, and thanks for taking the time or dodging work to read this



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