Saturday, March 04, 2006

Fulham 0 Arsenal 4


Like a few other arsenal sites out there, I didn't hold out much hope for this afternoon. From what I can figure, our away record is relegation form, whilst Fulhams' home form is the stuff of Champions League slots. For that reason I thought I'd wait to see what happened before I wrote today.
So, t'was a 4-0 victory very much against the form book. The radio said we were like the real Arsenal and this cant come soon enough considering who we are entertaining midweek!
Whilst I'll leave the descriptions of the goals to sites more that way orientated, there were a couple of observations I'd like to note:
In Wengers post match conference there was thankfully no talk of 'turning corners.' I say thankfully because each time he says it he sounds more like Gerrard Houllier on his death bed at Anfield and I was, quite frankly, getting dizzy by it all. Also, it was all BS becuase we'd always lose the next game. He was also positive about the Madrid game without getting too ahead of himself, which with only a 1-0 lead, is the way to approach it. A 1-0 away goal is a good thing to have, but by no means is it over.
Also, Diaby was powerful today. Its been mentioned everywhere that he is more adventurous than PV4 ever was, and whilst thats true, it can never hurt to have him in games to add some size to the team.
The midfield today seemed a solid selection, and whilst no fan of Mr. Silva, a job was done today just as it was in Madrid. If he merely sticks himself in front of the back four and thats all we expect him to do, then he is a solid squad member. If we, or he, expect him to become a midfield magician, then he will fail us everytime. But fair play today.
I like Adebayor from what I have seen. Yes, he missed a sitter today, but he's also been unlucky with a few offsides since his move. Given how long it takes some strikers to bed in and score goals, he's done well in a team that has been struggling when its not used to it. Ljungberg has also been getting better recently, perhaps he is finally getting rid of these niggles that allow him to be fit for games, but not 'play' in them.

So an excellent warm up for midweek Madrid both in terms of result and performance, hopefully we'll hear no bad injury news between now and then, but I've been wondering whether we should stick with the same system that we played in Spain or go with 4-4-2 as its on our patch. This will all be addressed on Tuesday in the preview.

We haven't had many saturday nights recently when we can celebrate an away win, so make the most of the weekend and enjoy.



At 1:34 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gilberto, yuk! I'd play 442, madrid wont find space on a narrow pitch, I hope! Is it possible to get the site put on the news wires? Keep it up, andy

At 12:23 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

442 all the way, but a midfield of gilberto fabregas and diaby could provide some clout if playing 451. its tough but i'd go for outplaying them, to contain them could be suicide


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