Monday, March 20, 2006

Housemates and Hlebs...

Ah, still no internet access apart from staying in university longer than is absolutely necessary and as everyone knows, university is a horrible place rated only by those that have never been. The fun part comes from being a student but avoiding the institution itself and getting
blind drunk elsewhere. Lack of updates is still due to my useless housemate who has the cash in her hand to get us reactivated by ntl, but who was asleep til 3:30pm this afternoon. Being a student I'm as lazy as the next jobless gimp but 3:30pm takes the piss.

Anyway, a good weekend in many ways. There is a lot of talk on the net about the balance that Eboue and Hleb bring to our right side and with Fabregas on fire, it is true that these players have potential to rival the ash cole, bob and henry axis in their prime. A winger is still needed in the summer however. Say Ash and TH14 stay, then with Reyes and Hleb and one other, we will have quality cover on the flanks. Again, the football is summarised on other sites but one important thing has come from this weekend...

We have certainly improved in the last 4-6 weeks and there is a certain solidarity to the team, ironically not seen when we had our 125th choice back four, let alone the current 1006th choice model. We seem to be coming to the boil nicely in time for next months biggun at Highbury against spurs. Yes its still a month away, but another four weeks of this marked improvement would do nicely come crunch day on the 22nd of April. Put that in the diary people, its going to be huge. In fact, I'm so confident that we'll beat them in our last derby at THOF that in some ways it would be better that we are 2 points behind them til then, thus making their impending spiral into the UEFA Cup even sweeter. Obviously I'd love to be so far ahead that even, god forbid, they beat us at home, it wont make a difference. But to see someones hopes crushed like the 2005 FA Cup Final is such a beautiful beautiful thing!

See you Soon....


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