Friday, March 24, 2006

Stay Up Pompey, Pompey Stay Up?

Portsmouth this weekend in the saturday evening kick off. This could be much trickier than we think.
Both clubs seemed to have picked up form recently and although its TH14's favourite away ground, our away form isn't still that great. The used car salesman that is Harry Redknapp seems to have got Pompey pointing in the right direction recently, something he must also do when thinking of his daughter-in-law.

Ljungberg and Ralph are still out, along with the other long term absentees but as mentioned in the last post, our right hand side has been revitalised by the players that have come in to replace them. If Reyes is match fit, then I would certainly play him in front of Pires on the left, his hunger means he tracks back more to help out the Flam than Pires ever would. If Jose hasn't recovered, then we're going to need to outscore portsmouth as there will be less defensive cover offered by bob but, undeniably, there is more of an understanding with Henry. Thinking about it, if Pires starts, I fancy him to pinch a goal.
After beating Pompey 4-0 at Highbury earlier in the season, but taking into account Portsmouths much improved form, I can see us going to Fratton Park and getting a win by one or two goals. Yes, they're improved form is important, but we haven't been slacking lately either! I think Portsmouth will stay up this season at the expense of WBA and I have an awful feeling about the ex-spurs nonce that is Pedro Mendes (chop him down Kolo!), but for now, their relegation revival will be put on hold....

2-0 to the Arsenal

Have a good weekend


At 10:14 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

im going for a narrower victory than at home, we're still shit away from home but our good form is better than portsmouths good form which should mean 3 points. any chance of more frequent postings? good stuff here.

At 12:33 pm, Blogger Al's Money Shot said...

I shall try and update over easter a lot more. The uni holidays have kicked in so whilst im pretending to do coursework, I'll probably be updating here. Cheers for reading


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