Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I was going to start this post about a T-shirt I once saw with 'Our-Sol' on the front of it, a brilliant dig in the ribs to the fact that we burgled Spurs' best player from them whilst paying transfer fee at all. Then I thought about a certain game against West Ham, the things he has been saying and then this went off in my head..............................................

'Thats it! I've solved it! Its a simple case of flogging Sol Campbell at the end of the season and offering his wages to TH14. Whilst I recognise that its all about 'sporting ambition,' an extra £90,000 a week can't hurt can it?!

The simple fact is: I can't stand Sol Campbell anymore.

Whenver he dons our colours, I shall support him, but having let everyone down when he should have been a leader is unnacceptable. For this reason he shall receive the same level of support that Pascal gets when he plays; its the 'praying he doesn't mess up/go home/cry' type rather than the 'I want him to do well so badly that he could be a relative' kind. I know this should have been written months ago, but this site didn't exist then, so his first game since The Arse Clubs' creation is as good a time to vent as any other.

I accept Sol Campbell has his uses. He used to be a brilliant Centre Half and even at Spurs, you could tell he was a great defender. In fact, I can't think of any other British player I wanted filling the Adams sized whole in our back four. But I want that Sol Campbell. I recognise that (some) footballers have emotions and indeed aims, but all he talked about until last weekend was England this and England that. England don't pay his wages, we do. And I mean WE. It's WE after all who buy shirts and pay ticket prices. We're entitled to effort and respect at least.

I think having Sol in the squad next year can be of benefit. Look how much Kolo has come on whilst Sol has been there. Of course Kolo is a brilliant athelete, but was never a natural centre half. Sol has had an influence on his dramatic improvement and for that he deserves praise.
Campbell is still one of the superstar names of this Arsenal squad, but I'm glad Wenger (effectively) said Senderos is first choice. Sol thinks he is far better than he actually is. Or at the very least, thinks he is still as good as he once was.

Having him in the squad would be excellent, I still believe that. To have him as the experienced of 4 (possibly 5 after the summer) centre backs, would give depth where we haven't had it since the 90's. Kolo and Big Phil as first choice, Djourou and Campbell as the second line. This gives us 2 pacy, 'recovery-type' defenders and 2 old school reader types. Adding someone of the 24-28 years age bracket won't hurt either. Especially if the Cyganator is put out of his misery come June/July.

So, I'm not a fan of Solzeer. He was once great, and time catches up with everyone, but its 'World Cup, World Cup, World Cup' with him. And that, whilst a noble aim, isn't what Club football is about. If he accepts a lesser, squad role, then great, keep him on less wages. Yet I cannot see past the sheer selfishness of walking out and not respecting his employers. Ashley Cole wants to go to Germany, hell, apparently he wants to leave the club, but he's talked more of Arsenal than Sol has.

I wish him well tomorrow against Pompey and in any other game he plays for us, but Enough is Enough. I suggest a more realistic role for a proud, declining player or a kick out the door with wages that can be put to better use, especially in a World Cup year where everyone is in the shop window.'

.............................And I realised just how right I was to rename the coloumn.

So, its time to grow up or get out Ar-Sol.

See you soon.


At 11:33 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not a bad piece.

At 11:40 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So very true about his attitude. If he goes to the world cup he's gonna be on the bench anyway

At 11:47 am, Blogger nin said...

I know cygan isnt the most gifted of football players, but at least he gives 100% which is more than you can say for sol, so the comparison was a little harsh on Cygan.

I want to see campbell rid of before he goes to the wiorld cup, what he did was unexcuseable, not the walking out, the not explaning or appoligising, this is not only bad proffesionalism but its down right bad manners, this twat has not been brought up right, he has no decency, wanker!

Bet he scores tonight the big fat ar-sol!


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