Monday, April 03, 2006

Cliches Anyone?

A great last week of football by anyone's standards really. By annihilating the runaway leaders of Serie A and then following it up with a dynamic performance in the league with no real sighting of a European hangover, we really are beginning to come together at the right time of the season. Cliches being thrown around include 'a marathon not a sprint,' 'peaking at the right time,' 'Coming to the boil' and 'tortoise and the hare' yet they are pretty much true of our form lately and the effect it can have on our season.Possibly the most important thing to come out of the Juve and Villa games is the 3 points against the Brummies and the dropping of points by teams around us. Banking on winning the Champions League when 2-0 up at half time in the QF is 'putting all your eggs in one basket' and surely a better way for certain Champions League football at the Grove is to finish in the top 4 and then win the relevant qualifiers. Not only do we have a game in hand against Spurs, but there is also the small matter of them coming to THOF for the last time. However, if our home form carries on, surely its 3 points and personally, I'm more worried about Blackburn and Bolton than I am about 'them down the road.' Look back at the beginning of the season: If you'd have offered the Cock(erel)s UEFA Cup football they'd have taken it and thats what I think they'll get. No Champions League for us would not be pleasant but UEFA for them would mean a good season. In pursuit of the most cliches in one post ever, I offer you 'one mans' crock of shit is another is another mans' pot of gold.' Surely a record equalling attempt??Anyway, last week was important, this week could be even more so. If we get knocked out in Turin and lose to the Plastic Mancs whilst those around us pick up points, we're back where we were in December really. So, our season can disappear as quickly as it arrived, I don't believe that will happen, but it shows you how quickly things can change.Til' tomorrow when hopefully we'll have some injury news about Cesc and the man who was favourably compared to a Brazilian who has a name like an STD but was really rather good in his day (Garrincha for those venereal disease fans). More of that and also on Juve and Thierry Henry's strike partners.See you then....


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