Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Phew, the coursework marathon is over...hopefully for the last time, unless I do something foolish and apply to do a Ph.D in Law, errrr; NO!

Anyway, tonight is huge. Ive driven half the width of the UK today but Ive never been so restless, 90 MINUTES FROM PARIS!

Its gonna be tense, nervous, irritating (dives and home crowd!) and possibly just the best night in the clubs recent history. Please let us have a referee as hard-ass as the last one, we need him again tonight!

The line up itself is quite obvious for both teams, Tachinnardi is out for them, but that won't change their tight game plan whatsoever. As the clock ticks down they'll obvious start to throw things forward, but I'm hoping an away goal will appear for us before 60 minutes to effective say goodnight to Spain, but BONJOUR to France!

Everyone knows just how huge this game is so I'm not going to waffle on anymore, everyone knows whats at stake and this is simply the biggest game of the season.

I have a feeling Eboue may be important tonight, lets just hope its at the Villareal end!!

It's 90 minutes & 213 miles to Paris, we've got Mad Jens in goal, we've got Thierry Henry up front, it's dark and and they're wearing yellow....


Come on you Goooooooners!!!


At 6:48 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice, i think eboue and gilberto will be so important. my one wish is that kolo doesnt get booked? take him off asap if we're in a position to do so Arsene!
Come on you gooooners

At 11:23 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

spurs are scum - come on you goooooners


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