Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Juventus Preview (Away)

Our European campain takes us over to Italy tonight, as I'm sure a few of you may well have realised!
Through the news wires, 'Lilly' Thuram is talking of hurricaines and storms: Far be it from me to comment but I'd be more concerned about the football tonight Lilian!
I think its fair to say that Juventus will be wily old scroats tonight. In the first leg, all their experience and medals didn't do much against our super charged kiddies but I have a feeling that sly kicks and pokes will be in abundance this evening. Expect elbows and obstructions bordering on illegal for however long the match takes.
I'm also quite pleased that after my rant about away goals last time, the only affect they can have on us now is a positive one. Especially when I got a mullering on Arsenal America for saying they are only relevant if they are scored and its a draw on aggregate. As I said, I never doubted my sage like prophecy, oh no!

Seriously though, after my cliche ridden splurge yesterday, I'd like to add one more...The first goal in this game is essential. If we score it, Juventus need 4, if they score it, another after that means its back to square one. A lot of people say we may lose our bottle if we concede early, but you don't jointly hold the CL record for clean sheets with the potential to break it tonight by having no bottle! With 'sensitive types' like Sol and Ash in the side, I'd be inclined to agree with these bottle theorists if we played our old first choice defence. However, what this new defence lacks in big names, it makes up for in attitude. The same goes for all the emerging players; you only need to see FC15 v PV4 last week for evidence of that!

We're obviously going to start with our 4-5-1 system, rumours showing Freddie not Bobbie to start, whilst there can be no arguments with the formation its possible to see why Bob is annoyed. But its a squad game nowadays and Ljungbergs legs and attitude will be invaluable away from home in our most important game of the season.

Prediction time then....
I'm going for a score draw tonight. I think Juventus may score first but as they go searching for that second goal, gaps will appear at the back and we all know that we're not exactly a slow team on the counter attack! No matter the score though, if we get a goal tonight, I can't see how Juventus will get four past a defence that hasn't conceded in that many European games.
Its time to seal the deal and whilst I'd happily take a 1-0 loss in the Deli Alpi, this team won't set out to defend all night and we will score!



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