Monday, April 10, 2006


European hangovers....nasty. I get them when I drink too much Premium lager from the continent, but I think quaifying for the semis' of the Champions Legaue may be a bit tougher on the body and mind. With that consideration, it is understandable that we came back from travelling to the form team in the country empty handed.

I feel psychology played a large part in the game too; by leaving out your best player you are inviting the others to already think the game is a lost cause or not really that important. Its how I honestly feel. I said to myself upon hearing the line up that 'if we drop points in one place it may as well be here,' 'its good he's resting him for Europe' and so on.

If it had that effect on me, what will it do to the players? I'm not faulting the boys for effort, but I think in the subconscious somewhere, the resting of Thierry had an effect. But by resting him, the moral won't be as low as a usual defeat to United with a full strength team. This definately has more potential for 'bounceback-ability' than the Riley enduced farce that ended the greatest unbeaten run ever.

I believe it will prove to be a masterstroke as we qualify for the Champions League Final in May and pinch 4th place. Its not without its risks, but like always, most of us believe Wenger is right.

Again, whilst game reports can be left to other sites, I was pondering a few things. Just how does Adebayor run that fast when his legs seem to move that slow? I think its something to do with the fact he only needs four strides to everyone elses 6! Seriously, I keep forgetting he is 21 and I do believe that even if not as individually talented as some of our other forwards, he will play an important role for the team in years to come.

Also, remember how we said the how burden of captaincy was restraining Henry at the beginning of the year?
Well, it has the opposite effect on Gilberto. In the Doncaster Carling Cup game as captain he scored the winner and yesterday he seemed to revel in the role and produced a brilliant performance. Ok, a brilliant Gilberto performance isn't as eye catching as a brilliant Henry performance, but it certainly heightened his game. Couple that with the fact he is now bringing his Champions Legaue style game to the Premiership and he is fully justifying his inclusion right now. And even with a lack of options due to injury this year, its not something we could have said about the first part of his season is it!?! Perhaps its the maturing of Cesc that allows him to concentrate on the defensive aspects, but he is playing better and his passes are actually find team mates too!

Right, the University coursework marathon begins today. Whilst many of you would think that means the site will be updated less in that time, I promise you it means much more content being added due to any old excuse to get me away from Law Masters books with sucg enthralling names as 'International Commercial Disputes in English Courts' and 'Integration of European Competition Law.' Oh the fun....

See you soon....


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