Thursday, April 06, 2006

Potent Potential!


Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah!!!

I don't care that we didn't quite scale last weeks heights & that the press are focusing on Juventus' awful performances. We're in the Semi's of the biggest club competition in the world for the very first time. Did the media expect us to go out and not care about our 2 goal lead? Again, I don't care, we are there and we've avoided Barca and Milan until the Final...If we get there.

A lot has been said already of Villareal being the easy route, but at this stage its simply not the case. If that is true, Villaareal have just as much of a right to say the same thing about us not being up to the Milanese or Catalunian's quality. By now, no game will be easy so enough talk of easy games and booking flights to Paris please!
I seem to remember people talking about Chelski already having got to the final at this time last year as they 'only' had Liverpool in the semi's - a team they'd already beaten that season in a cup final - and look where it got them! We have earned ourseleves a lot of credit for getting to this stage in a transitional season, but again, we're in the last FOUR, not the final, not the winners podium with all that pretty ticker tape and confetti, but the last FOUR...thats it.

Last night was amazing. I talked before the game about the attitude in this new side and it really did ring true again. Surely you couldn't ask for more in a 2 leg game against Serie A's best...
Giving them a footballing lesson at home and then being gritty and solid away. What more do you want?? We owned them again last night!

So Pat left to win the Champions League? When we got dealt Juve in the draw, I was more confident than I should have been, resulting in what I thought was a 50-50 chance of going through. But for him to be humiliated by his old club that he left in search of this very trophy, must really sting. How is he going to be feeling today? hehehe!

In a way, I think Vieira's leaving has helped in Europe. With Pat in the team, everything went through him, and our failure in Europe can be seen as part of this...Stop Vieira, Stop Arsenal. But selling him meant we needed a new distribution system. See how our full backs give Jens plenty more options as no one can rely on Vieira anymore. Now, teams cannot stop us by stopping one man. In Europe especially - but with signs of it sneaking into the league - having more than one defensive outlet has obviously given us more success. For this, Wenger must be credited again.

So, an amazing amazing performance, we've shown we have the ingredients for the total package. Outplayed at Highbury and outfought in Italy. With what is now the best Champions Legaue defence ever, a rejuvenated midfield adapting to responsibility and the worlds best striker up top, we are going places. Add in the average age of the outfield players to boot and the potential for this side is scary.

On a final note, if you add up the cost of our back 5 and contrast it with the price of the attacking talent we've faced against Madrid and Juventus, can anyone come up with another manager capable of getting success at this price? NO is the resounding answer to that!

I'm beginning to get a very funny feeling about this trophy you know....


At 2:36 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

great post. nice to see one that doesnt concentrate on match facts or player ratings like every other site does but gives good original thought. agree with you on the part about viera and the change in tactics


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