Thursday, April 27, 2006

Salute Scolari!

I said when this site was born that as the world cup gets closer I'd talk a little about it. The apparent/imminent/rumoured appintment of Big Phil Scolari after the WC seems damn big enough to me.

He's by far the most successful international manager of the last half decade at least. And when was the last time a manager won the world cup and then got to the next Euros final? I think France had different guys in charge in 1998 and 2000. Aime Jacquet and Roger Lemerre I think.

Scolari has stugots as well! He'll drop beckham if he's playing badly (see Figo). He won't play Lampard and Gerrard together if he can't balance a side, although he can fit Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Ronaldinho in the most unbalanced and worst Brazil side in a long time and still walk away with footballs biggest prize.

He's won everything at domestic level, including the south american champions league (libatedores i think) which is a touch better than Steve 'Carling Cup' McClaran and the other nobodys being touted.

He punches journalists...bring on the tabloids and the fascist Jeff Powell from the Daily Mail!

Yeah, it'd be lovely and patriotic and flag waving (xenophobic??) if it were an Englishman, but we as Arsenal fans should konw more than anyone else that its what they do on the pitch, not what it says on their passport. Sod this 'doesn't encourage English bosses' bullshit, would you rather we didn't qualify for Euro 2008 but said 'at least he was English'?? NO!!!!!!!!! We'd rather win it with Big Phil!

Fair play to the F.A for finally handling something right. And especially well done toDavid Dein who has rallied for him all along! Do you think he said 'look, I employed Arsene Wenger and look where thats taken my medium/large sized club'??

I'm off to put some money on us for 2008 due to the fact we'll have a balanced, tactically aware and determined side and a manager that can actually CHANGE TACTICS and MAKE CHANGES as the game goes along!

He's simply the best for the job.


At 2:32 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, its gotta be him or could have been hiddink til the ruskies showed up with abrama-bitches cash, all the english managers are crap

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