Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Villareal Preview

Right, this is going to be extremely quick as the coursework seems to be flowing today, and its so rare that this happens that I simply can't pass up this opportunity until 7:30 tonight!

Lots has been said about Villareal and Riquelme. They are a very hard working eleven with a truly world class player that can change games. Great, so are we. I respect them a lot for having the balls to build a team around one player but if this premiership pace Wenger is talking about does appear, I believe we should be alright on the night. The important thing is to stop them scoring, simple to say but as they are the kings of away goal progression, its essential. Even a 0-0 tonight could benefit us with the counter attacking approach we take to the Continent.

Again, I'm tempted to write some awful pun about 'Yellow Submarines' and it being 'A Hard Days' Night,' but that would be childish. However, I reckon 'We can work it out' and get a 2-0 this evening. Dammit, couldn't help myself!

Much much more tomorrow, but its back to the word processor for me.



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