Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I've waited so long for this and I'm only 22. God knows what is going through the minds of some of you older gooners out there!
The red hair dye is primed and ready, the lucky unbeaten season home shirt is ready, the designated public house is ready and £1.50 all drinks all night. In fact the only thing that isn't ready is my head!

I'm so excited and I'm so nervous. I went out for a curry last night and the only thing that came out of my mouth was about tonights game. (sorry Lianne!) I found out one of my mates is wearing the blue away shirt that we lost to United in when out 49ers came to an end. I immediately text him back and told him he can't wear it.

I am a wreck; an excited wreck.

I respect Barcalona, their club, their players, their history. But no-one is really giving us a chance. Its a one off game. Our players are ready for this. Sure, they are young, but can you imagine how good they'll be after this experience; win or lose?
We can win this. Like I said yesterday, its our collective cell against their individuals. I think its gonna be tight until the first goal is scored. After all, there is no second leg to claw anything back. THIS WILL SUIT US. Fabregas and Pires given space to thread balls to Titi like only they can? yes please!

I'm not sure about Le Bob starting, I'd quite like him fresh off the bench for the last 20 minutes. And Arsene, if we are losing, don't be afrais to make a change, not a suicidal McClaren change, but after 65 minutes or 70 minutes, Hleb for Dennies, Van Persie or Pires won't hurt anyone. I just have a feeling about Pires or Freddie tonight. Big games, Big players. Consider that their big influence doesn't have to be the goal though. It could be the pass or the creation of space.

If we lost tonight, we have lost to the best team in Europe. Not like Liverpool were just cos they won the trophy, but the real deal. If we lose, I'll be gutted, but if we've given it our all, we are still the second best team in Europe. Tell that to any bitter and jealous fans that taunt you after the game. Chavski fans? Got beaten by Barca before the final. Man USA fans? Sorry, didn't get out of your group. Trotts fans? Have you ever been in the Champions League? No.
Be proud of our team, win or lose.

I won't go through the line ups or talk about their danger men, we know that by now. But I truly believe in our youth, I believe in Jens, I believe in our defence and our five man midfield, I believe in the home-coming boy - TH14, but I believe in this unit more than anything right now. If its 0-0 with 30 minutes to go, we are fitter, fresher and faster than them.

For the last time whilst we represent Highbury, for all the sub plots, for all the talk of fourth place, its come down to the European Cup Final and we can do this!
For the Final time this season...




At 4:02 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its all about believing! great coloumn, off to the pub now! Come on gunners! CARPE DIEM!


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