Friday, May 12, 2006

Cardiff without Arsenal!

A very strange thing is happening tomorrow...An FA Cup Final is taking place in Cardiff. WITHOUT US!

Only one has not involved us so far and its a very strange thing. As much as I like the Champions League and wouldn't swap competitions, there is something about the FA Cup that I do love. From the 2 stunners that beat Chelsea (only Chelsea, not Chelski as pre-Roman), to the stuttering victory against the Saints to the hilarious Final against Man USA last year, its always been a brilliant occassion with results to match, bar the ironic Scouse robbery in 2001. The awful Spurs loving BBC-esque squarefootball site says Liverpool refer to the Millenium Stadium as Anfield South! Does that mean we should just call it Highbury II !!

I hope its a good Final tomorrow, I wish West Ham well due to their professionalism (bar Sheringham) last week. It'd be nice to see a club other than the big four win it and the last was Everrton in 1995. Although I'm sure Scousers were saying the same in 2003 and 2004 when Saints and Millwall were there.

A West Ham win and Sheringham breaking his leg would be nice. Hopefully when TRYING to score, not miss a penalty this time.

Nevertheless, good luck Hammers


At 8:38 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was actually relieved when we went out. Imagine how the semis against a tough team would have reduced our chances of making fourth place; imagine how playing today would have drained us before Paris. The fact is, unless you've an immense squad like Chelsea, you can't do well in all four competitions. I'd take the Champions League final over the FA Cup any day and I suspect Wenger, the board and the players would too. Loads more money, loads more prestige. Spurs did relatively well this season because they weren't in any of the cup competitions. With the UEFA next year, let's see how they cope. My guess is they'll be whinging and whining about how unfair it all is when they've a player out with a cold. Next season, I'd be happy if we treated the FA cup like the Carling and left it to the kids.

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