Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Final Salute

Its been an age since I've posted, which is due to the quite stunning laziness of my housemate. She's not nasty or evil just painfully lazy. But talking/moaning/boring you about that doesn't seem right this weekend.

I'm sure everyone's figured out that this is our last game at THOF this weekend. I for one am gutted and excited. Gutted because I've only ever seen Arsenal outside of Highbury 3 times so I really don't know anything else when it comes to following the team, but excited because we will have the best stadium in the UK and still the best manager. Its hard not to find it a little funny that the press kill AW for not having won the Champions League (yet) but then moan that he was protected from the England job and that he should have been first choice. Idiots.

Anyway, leaving Highbury is going to be emotional. Im going to be upset, I won't hide from that or think its a bit gay, in the same way that I'm warning all my mates that I'm going to bawl my eyes out if we win the Champions League Final.

So, now I've said my piece on the amazing stadium that will always be special to all of us, we've got to consider we are playing a game there this weekend and that its not just a ceremony! Wigan are a good side, they've shown us that in all three of the games we've played against them this year. I like their balls for playing 4-4-2 every week without enducing people into a coma everytime they go away from the JJB by playing 5-5-0, like half the teams in the top flight do. If we get a better result than Spurs, we finish 4th. In theory thats simple, and we all know about the FA Cup for West Ham etc, but this is also the Totts Final and arguably, as big a 'Final' for us as a certain game against a bunch of Spanish Breakaways is on the 17th of May.

We need to win this. So do Spurs.

I have a feeling we'll win 2-1 in a game that will be much tougher than the press haven't focused on! Paul Jewell is a million times better than McClaren already and no doubt the fact Wigan haven't had a sniff of press due to our relocation will be used to fire them up. But, it will still have that special day feel and 2-1 win and final salute to Highbury seems right to me. Spurs will score against West Ham, so that'll be 1-0 or HOPEFULLY 1-1.

I'll see you all in 4th Spot on Monday morning.

Thank you Highbury, its been a pleasure

COME ON YOU GOOOOOOONERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


At 10:20 pm, Blogger Andrew said...

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At 10:30 pm, Blogger Andrew said...

Are you going to the game? I am not sure how I will feel with the final whistle goes off! Emotional moment, even though I've only been to Highbury for a handful of games it still holds a special place in each and every fan!

At 12:46 pm, Blogger Al's Money Shot said...

I cant make it today no; I have a university exam tomorrow and all the financial implications that go with being a student! I took my little brother to his first game against Blackburn in November so that will always be special to me...that and we won 3-0 with a RVP11 wondergoal!

Cheers for the comments



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