Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Rosicky Business?

Nope, not Risky, but good business!
Especially if it was at the £6-8 million mark thats being thrown around. He seems to be an Arsenal type of player and for once, is an established international between 24 and 28. Thats what we've all been wanting surely?

Rosicky seems to be one of those players that people talk about being brilliant but haven't actually seen him play that much! The Cassano, Torres, Emre (even though he's a magpie!) type player that trades off reviews to a certain extent. So rather than say he's going to be brilliant, I'm just looking forward to what he can do.
Yeah I remember that great goal he scored against us in the Champions League, but outside the Czech side and that one match, I can only rely on what I've read and on Pro Evolution. And we all know how awful that is when considering a players true worth...Raul, sod it, the whole of Real Madrid being good anyone? Thought not.

Surely it means the end of Bobby P though? If it does, he deserves a huge amount of thanks. But i'll come to that if it arrives. And is the newbie too similar to Hleb or Cesc?

Its an exciting signing and will either change the shape of our midfield, or give it depth where we've been lacking. So either way, we win.

A few more names to go with the youngsters would be excellent though. And if Campbell leaves, I really want an Englishman to replace him. I don't know much about Davies of WBA but he impressed me in the Highbury game and if we signed him now, I'm sure Sven would put him in the England side instead of Dawson just because he is contracted to Arsenal! Which is worth the rumoured £5 million all on its own. Stupid Spurs.

So, Tomas Rosicky...Exciting, talented, established and yet another reason to do nothing in June apart from watch the World Cup. Just what we all wanted!

Good work Arsene!


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