Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sol going to Turkey?

I'm not one for transfer rumours as a whole as they can make you look very stupid (cough, Barcalona, cough!) but this is quite a big one.

Apparently Sol Campbell is going to Turkish side Fenerbache for around £8 million. Thats a great deal of money for an ageing centre half who, apart from the Final last week hasn't really been very good recently. His wages are also massive so it may ease the burden of TH14's new pay packet if he is indeed off.

A suggested headline: 'Chicken Sol leaves for Turkey'. Hehe. That'll teach him for wimping out at half-time against West Ham!

As I said, I won't go into details until its confirmed or denied. But its an interesting one...


At 2:02 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think we need davies to replace him though. as much as i dont think passports count, it would be good to have some englishmen in the squad


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