Friday, May 19, 2006

TH14 Stays!

Wow. Thats one way to lift the mood of a club that just lost the biggest game in their history! I woke up this morning and was shocked to see the news on the internet. Maybe its just me, but as he said 'by the World Cup,' I thought it would be another few weeks until we heard a decision we didn't want to hear.
One point is whether he would have stayed if we had won the Champions League? I'm not entirely sure that one match would have such a big influence on a man like Thierry. As well as one can know someone they've never met, he doesn't seem volatile enough to base 7 previous years and the next 4 on 90 minutes ruined by a referee. Also think about what would have happened if the Final was against another team and he seemed as pissed off with them as he was with Barca. Would he have gone to Barcalona then?

As fans though, would we rather have won the Champions League and see him go or lose the Final and see him stay? Its a tough one but for the long term future I'm glad its happened this way round. Granted we'd make a fortune from Champions League winnings, but would the financial difference between winning and losing the final have got us an adequate, ready made replacement for Henry? NO! Not in a million years!!

Thats in then. Whilst the gloom has been lifted by a brilliant bit of news, lets not forget we need to strengthen in the summer. I have a feeling that we've got something big tucked away thats helped Henry stay; I mean in players, not just that big new shiny building down the road!

For now though, lets salute Dennis for everything he has done for us, and salute Henry for everything he will continue to do.

Here's to the next four years!!!!!!!!!


At 5:32 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

definately. European champs for one year or thierry for another 4? no contest! this is great news!

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