Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tumble Weed...

That seems to be what you find if you log onto any of the news wires at the moment. Just as in those western films, the dust kicks up and the tumble weed rolls across the screen.In short, there is not much to comment on.

Transfer speculation is a strange time for us Arsenal fans. As a whole, the club are very secretive about transfers and whilst we get linked with players day in day out, the next time we here from them is usually when they've signed! We don't deal in the press like the corrupt Catalans or the morally void Madrid (see Wenger link at the moment in elections!). Neither do we chat up pie eating Brazilians like Mourinho tried to do with Adriano. It really is a case of linked with a player and either never here of it again, or see him holding up a Red and White shirt at a press conference!

Due to this, speculating on transfers can either seem prophetic, or an entire waste of time for Arsenal blogs. You look like a moron if you say how a player will improve the side but then we never here of him again, but on the other hand you seem oracle like if you get lucky and comment on someone that signs!

As mentioned when this blog started up, things here will go a bit World Cup as the tournament steps into gear, and with the real England playing a friendly tonight, the count down to Germany has begun.

Tomorrow I'll go through who I think can and can't make an impact in the World Cup and over the weekend the red carpet will be rolled out for the First 'Arse Club End of Season' Awards.

See you


At 3:58 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh No! Carragher in midfield! why did he bother taking hargreaves or carrick if he is gonna play a defender that cant pass at the back? Carra may be a good balls to the walls premier league guy, buy he cant mark riquelme or ronaldinho...remember what henry did to him at highbury a few years ago?!



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