Monday, May 08, 2006

What a Send Off!

Yesterday was stunning, no other word for it.
From the twists and turns on the pitch to the same motions in the scums stomachs, it really was something special.

Whatever happened on the final day at Highbury was going to be remembered, but the controversy, the on/off game at Upton Park, being in front, being behind, being fourth, being fifth and being fourth again. All in 2 hours. I'm not ashamed to say I resorted to drinking.

I want to salute the professionalism of West Ham for giving Spurs a go so close to a final, but professionalism for people at this level should never be in doubt. HOWEVER, that arsehole who took the penalty for West Ham is completely unprofessional; the fact he took it and 'accidently' missed is bad enough, but surely no one is saying he tried to score? He is a disgrace to the game of football. He should have scored/attempted to score and then not celebrated his goal as most ex players do. Instead, he's an embarrassment to all the players that take their jobs seriously.

Sheringham, Crooks, Venables, Baddiel, Nicholson, Fat Mabbutt, Klinsmann, Robbie Keane and JHJH, your boys took ONE HELL OF AN EATING!

I read today that Dennis said its been an honour to play at Highbury, but surely the pleasure is ours for seeing one of the greats of the game on our own pitch for eleven years? I'll write more in the build up for his testamonial because there is just so much to mention and I've had enough emotion for one weekend frankly!

Sheringham, Crooks, Venables, Baddiel, Nicholson, Fat Mabbutt, Klinsmann, Robbie Keane, Crail and JHJH, your boys took ONE HELL OF AN EATING!

Arsene Wengers Magic,
He wears a big chefs hat,
and when he saw 4th place,
he made the Spurs players shat!



As if Defoe wasn't feeling sick enough yesterday, for eating dodgy lasagne and bottling CL qualification, our wonder reserve has just been put in the England squad ahead of him. I feel sorry for Darren Bent, what more could he do, but Defoe? HAHAHAHAHA!

And for a bunch of money grabbing foreigners who got to the CL final without an Englishman playing for them in the last 100 years and are generally arrogant French divers, isn't it odd that we only have one less English player in the squad than those hard done by, down on their luck, cheated, plucky all english media darlings down the road? And when Sven realises Jenas is a joke, not a footballer, then its all even.

Take that Crooks, Linekar and Sherigham. Ha.

That just really tops off yesterday! Well done Theo, and Sven has found some balls and as a result, I think I may actually like him a bit more! Fair Play Sven, thihs World Cup could be fun!


At 8:45 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One word for Spurz and thats KARMA baby!
they tried to cheat against us but they only got a draw, most people when they cheat end up winning! They try and get a game postponed to disturb an FA cup focused WHU and to know what they ahve to do after our last game, yet none of it works and no one buys it.
its a marathon not a sprint losers. we played 17 more competitive games than scum this season, had our worst domestic yr in a decade, lost more games than them and STILL finished higher!
spot on about teddy, he's a twat

At 1:31 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To be honest, if you offered 5th place to a Spurs fan at the start of the season they would have bitten your hand off. To say we would only be 2 points behind Arsenal would be heaven.

We wouldn't have succeeded in the Champions League, and considering Arsenal long-term injuries this term it is probably deserved. I just think it's a shame that the last game didn't go off "scandal free".

Cheating against Arsenal... that's a matter of opinion. But to be honest EVERYBODY will play on in a situation like that and let the ref decide. It was not as obvious and as unthreatening as the Arsenal vs. Juventus situation so a comparison can't be made.

As for Sven "Yes Mr. Dein" Eriksson... who knows what he is up to. 4 strikers is not enough for any world cup, especially when 2 are injured and 1 has not even played in the countries top division. Sven says he hasn't even seen Walcott play competitively... only in training.

OK, Defoe is not the greatest player in the world, but he should be there, not Walcott. Bent, Johnson, even Harewood should be above TW. I'm sure the lad is brilliant, I'm sure he's quick, I'm sure he's gutsy, but he will made to look like a fool simply because of a lack of experience. You just can't throw a lad straight into a World Cup like that... especially with all the hype about the current team.

So congrats to Arsenal. You are a better club - but we are a hell of a lot closer to you now.


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