Sunday, June 11, 2006

3 points is 3 points...

Or so the saying goes. Lineker and his joke collection of 'experts' slated the team for a long while, but surely we don't want to peak too soon? I'd much rather Frank the Tank started deflecting them in and Stevie G was inspirational in a quarter or semi final than an opening game in what is a very favourable group. Would you rather we scored 5 against Paraguay when one would do the job or would you rather the magic was turned on when we are up against Holland/Portugal in the quarters? No contest really.

Lets just use this very easy group to adapt to the heat, the expectancy and allow the players to settle. We beat a South American team by one goal in hot conditions. What would we give for the same solid and unspectacular performance against another South American team in 6 games time?

Patience, 'tis a marathon not a sprint.


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