Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Big One

Whilst Sven has another 6 days to single handedly turn England into the most insipid, uninspired and unmotivated team in the entire world, arguably the biggest game of the last 16 is finally upon us. Spain v France seems to have everything you would want in a football match. Both teams have excellent individuals but the French are getting old and out of sorts whilst the Spanish can never seem to gel as a team and always always ALWAYS flatter to deceive.

Lots of Arsenal interest in this one - another chapter in the PV4 v Cesc battle and after such a comprehensive whipping at club level, Old Patrick will be up for this one. Henry can finally do some damage to the white-pointy hat wearing Aragones whilst Zidane and Raul battle it out for who is living off their name the most! For me, Raul wins this hands down as Zidane was at least world class once!

Putting Zidane back in the team is going to stifle the French and if he plays, I'd have to favour Spain. However, if France play 2 up front, the wily old heads coupled with the worlds best forward should mean they have just enough to get past a Spain team determined to hinder themselves by playing Raul. Old v Young, midfield battles, racism revenge, Arsenal players past and present...this one has the lot.

Spain should be favourites but France got exactly what they needed against Togo and I can see them doing just enough again if sans Zidane.

Either way, its going to be special. If I were you, after reading my Zidane/Raul kicking, I'd run down to the bookies and put money on a 3-3 with those two scoring all the goals. Typical.


At 6:32 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

France for me, Spain are bottlers and if the papers are right, thinnk its good not to have a tackler in midfield!


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