Monday, June 12, 2006

Czeching In

Its the first chance for us to see Rosicky in action for the Czechs since he signed for us last month. Personally, I'm especially interested to see how he links up with Koller as he is in effect, an Adebayor big boy type player. Rosicky and Koller were at Dortmund together so they know each other inside out. If he could take that experience of playing with a big man to Ade next season then it could be another handy weapon. No need to address whether he'll work with Henry. If he plays on the left of midfield, then I have real hopes of a quality partnership for those two.

The Czechs in genreal are a very good team. Cech in goal, solid at the back, technical in midfield and in Baros and Koller, have finishers up front. Their best chance of glory came in Euro 2004 and to say they were the best team at the tournament wouldn't have been far off. The 'Greek Incident' was a one off and won't (hopefully) happen again. The Czechs finest hour is gone, and with a tie with Brazil if they qualify, they won't go too far this year. I'm pleased they aren't in our side of the draw as they are still a very very good side on their day, but too many players are not only the wrong side of thirty, but thirty three.

Still, Rosicky will be interesting


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