Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Midas Touch

Thats what one of the BBC muppets said Wenger has when it comes to spotting a player, and on yesterdays evidence, the man still has it. Denied one of the greatest World Cup hatricks of all time, Tomas Rosicky really does look a player. If that can be transferred to Ashburton Grove, we could be in for a treat and not miss Pires as much as I first thought. Also, having a player that isn't scared to shoot from long range will help, I mean look at Frank the Tank at Chavski, most of his shots are heading wide but by playing a percentage game, some are bound to deflect in...he just seems especially lucky at it!

Brilliantly, Robin Van Persie is picking fights with the Old Age Pensioner that is Arjen Robben. His looks however had nothing to do with his electric performance. He didn't even dive too much! As great as he was though, if john motson (he doesn't deserve capital letters) points out that he should pass it to other players in better positions, Robin Van Persie is justified in saying it too. Still, its always fascinating to see just how the Dutch will implode and ruin their own chances this time around!

The France v Switzerland game today was as I thought it would be. Whilst the BBC take pot shots at Henry for not being the same player for France, they would do well to remember that this team is instead built around Zidane's friends and thats why France won't get any further than the quarter finals at best. I fancy the English team against the French more than I do us playing the Germans. There is something of a mental block when we play the Krauts, and even though niether France or Germany are not as good as they usually are, the English just don't have the big game bottle to get past either team...especially Fritz!

Brazil are on tv now and obviously the BBC novices (I feel sorry for Strachan and Leonardo) are killing them for not having won the World Cup in their first match. The Italians looked solid without being spectacular and I still have a sneaky feeling about them this year.

This time tomorrow, all the teams will have played and whilst European teams are completely dominating proceedings, there will be a suprise or two come qualification time for the next round. For me, its France, Sweden or Holland not to make it through to the knock out stage.


At 5:41 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was going for spain to be shit again, but they just hit the second best team in their group 4-0! for that reason im going for holland not to go through, but a bad result for germany could make things very interesting! 3 teams on quite close points going into their final day, thats what its about!


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