Thursday, June 15, 2006

Normal service resumed for Germany

Uninspired, static, workman-like, efficient, poor, jammy and just plain lucky.

But is that not how the Germans have won so many World Cups? On what occasion have they actually had the best team in the World? Whilst it is true that the best team in the world rarely wins the World Cup, they've won it so many times by being exactly what they were last night, its not even funny! Still, they'll plod their way into the quarter finals; momentum may take them past Sweden, but when they come up against a team with creativity, their flat footed defence will be beaten silly. YET, we still wouldn't put it past them to win the damn thing would we!?!

Spain were very good yesterday, but refereeing decisions meant all it showed was that they could seize initiative once handed to them on a plate rather than how great a team they are. Brazil v Spain quarter final could be rather tasty though. Fair play to Cesc for breaking yet another record for one of his teams!

England v T & T at 5 today...people are talking about how we need a performance as well as a result, but if we are gonna grow into this tournament, another 1-0 win and another slating in the press could well happen and would set us on our way at least. If you offered it to all the people killing England, I bet they'd love to win a World Cup in the same way Germany have so many times! I don't believe we'll get further than a lucky semi final appearance at best, but it can't help to slag off the team, and that England team is a long way away from the one I would pick!

A ground out result tonight then should see us qualify for the second round with a game to spare, and EVERYONE would have taken that one week ago, no matter the way it was achieved!

Oh, Harry 'used car salesman' Redknapp; take your son and go to hell when talking about Walcott like that.
P.S. Could you take Sol Campbell too?


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