Monday, June 19, 2006

Red, White and New

Having studied E Commerce law for far too long I'm quite sure that the link below will not get me into any trouble and quite honestly, I don't care if it does, I'll just take it down. Stupid Copyright laws...along with Teddy Sherigham they are surely the most boring, useless and out of date concept in the entire world.

Anyway, here is the new home shirt as seen through drinking glasses...

Its obviously back to red and white and is in line with the retro/classic kits that Brazil are wearing at the world cup this year with the piping on the collar etc... Personally I really like it, not only for being back to our true colurs (Cindi Lauper should be added to the Sheringham/Copyright list come to think of it) but it has a badge in the proper place and definately hits the spot. Good stuff.

I'll get back to the World Cup tomorrow before the England game when Sweden will surely 'out-England' us again at our own game. If Jenas plays, I'm leaving the country.


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