Monday, June 05, 2006

Why don't Madrid just move to London?

Thats right. Not only do the candidates for Presidency want Wenger, but they are reeling out old comments on Reyes and Cesc. Why stop there you greasy twats? Why not change your name to Arsenal Football Club, take over our new stadium (that we funded ourselves because we aren't bank rolled by the Spanish Government/King/Tosser) and buy every single one of our players. Indeed, why don't they change their 'I've always wanted to play in the famous white of Real Madrid' kit which is the trademark of any new signing there, and wear red and white next year?

Its pathetic. If the 'biggest team in the world' (again a trademark of their latest wank-tico) need to have every single player and manager from a North London club, what the hell is wrong with them?! Vieira, Henry, Cesc, Reyes, Wenger, Overmars, probably Kolo Toure...its been going on for years and I'm fucking fed up. Why do they think they have this right to come in and think we are a feeder club? If they or there players hadn't noticed, it was us in the Champions League Final this year and in the last 3 years we've won the 2003 FA Cup, had the best Premiership season ever in 2004 and won the FA Cup in 2005. What the fuck have those over paid, over weight, over the hill, badly run wankers won in those years? Why would these players leave a successful club for a dying one? CHRIST, even there ancient embarrassment of a left back Bobby Charles wants out.

EVERY FUCKING SUMMER its Barcalona or Madrid. Do there club puppets of papers not realise that no one significant from Arsenal has gone to these clubs since Anelka? Even then we raped them for him.£22 million and Suker...hahaha! Did Vieira go there? did Henry? will Cesc? GET OVER YOURSELVES.


Their fans deserve a decent World Cup and they have far more talent than England but I hope they bottle it again.

But they can have Sol Campbell for free...he makes Jamaicas forwards look good



At 12:01 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha, brilliant post! couldnt have said it better myself!!


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