Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Captaincy Issues

Terry or Gerrard? Neville or Jar Jar?

Ok, the last two were a joke and its pretty clear its between the balding pikey and the scouse midfielder. Its also obvious that both men would excel at the job far more than their well meaning but meek Tim Henman-esque predecessor.

For me its got to be Gerrard. John Terry is a natural leader and can hold up 2 consecutive Premiership medals as captain of the Russians as testament to his abilities. However, I don't seem to remember him single handedly turning a 3-0 half time deficit into a penalty win in the second most important match in the World and also dragging an insipid Liverpool team to an FA Cup Final win against West Ham.

Gerrard simply led by example and maybe some of this has to do with his position.
From the back, Terry can survey the match and shout orders and central defenders are almost prime choice for captain. Even our greatest ever captain was a centre half.
Whilst Adams and Terry are great captains to have in a 'backs against the wall' display, a last minute tackle showing the rest of the team how its done type thing, the one thing they can't do is grab a game by the scruff of the neck in an attacking sense that a midfielder can. For me, this position is the place to have your skipper.
Gerrard is in a position to positively influence the game that Terry simply cannot do in his position on the field.

I respect John Terry, even as a Chavski player, but Gerrard for me is not only more important to the England team (we have a lot of great centre backs, but do we have another world class midfielder?), he is more influential in big games as Champions League 05 has shown, but his position allows him to influence the game in a positive sense, not only a 'lets cling on for this 1-0 lead, 0-0 for penalties' way that a centre half can.

If Terry gets it, I'll be relieved that we finally have a real captain and I'm pretty certain he will as its the safe MacSven, sorry, Maclaren option. But Gerrard is the bold and positive choice that could help revamp and restructure a team in desperate need of such an overhaul.


At 4:45 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Terry for me mate, but Gerrard would be next in line. Terry has won championships, Gerrard only cups.


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