Sunday, July 09, 2006

France v Italy - World Cup Final Preview

This is gonna be a close one. The 2 teams have let in 3 goals between them so its not going to be an open game in the way Brazil/Argentina could have been. Like the rest of the konck out phases, everyone seems a bit scared of doing a 'Beckham 98' and being the one that gets slaughtered for your team going out.

Whisper this quiet but I really want France to win. As Arsenal fans, we get a lot of Jokes about being French but today I'm going to promote it.

Supporting France simply boils down to the fact that to see Henry, Vieira, Thuram and Zidane win 2 World Cups would be phenomenal. And who out there can say that their contribution to football has been significantly less than Marco Materrazzi and Luca Toni?! Whilst its not about who deserves it more, and its simply about who is the better team over the World Cup month, I really will be rooting for the French...except Barthez.

That said, the Italians are just about favourites and rightly so. They've been typically Italian in their defending but in their last match they didn't even dive! Seriously, they are a quality side and would be deserving winners if Zidane et al start to fade in the final quarter as they have done recently.

One more big performance from Zizou and Lilly would be amazing and they really would go doewn as some of the very best players EVER. However, I see a 1-0 Italy but penalties (with these defences) would never be a suprise!

Enough theorising, lets just enjoy something that comes around only once every 4 years and hope its a game to remember!

Allez Les Blues!


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