Sunday, July 23, 2006

Great Respect for a Great Man

There aren't many Arsenal games where the result doesn't matter; basically this one and arguably the Carling Cup, but yesterday wasn't about results, it was about fun and paying respects.

Is there any club that could have done a testimonial in such a classy way? Would Man USA have allowed 3 generations of Bergkamps to kick off a testimonial game? Their equivalent is Keane and surely at least 2 out of the 3 generations of the Keanes are in prison?
From Vieira and Ian WWW to Marco Van Basten and Cruyff; the whole day was spectacular. Bergkamp apparently shelled out for all the t-shirts on the seats and the man was treated like a God and fair play too. It was a truly special day and even some cheeky Ajax gimp scoring the first goal didn't ruin the day.

So, the 'gentleman club' says goodbye to a true legend and gentleman of the game in the classiest and most repectful of fashions. It simply couldn't have happened if it were another club or another player. That shows you how much depth the link between the club and the player has.

Dennis Bergkamp: God of the game.