Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The rumour mill kicks into gear...

The rumour mill has began to step up a level now that the over hyped World Cup has finished. I'm not saying the World Cup was awful, but when a team of golden oldies and an insipid but solid Italy team take the Final itself to penalties, it just summed up the tournament perfectly. In some ways it showed the transitional nature of international football right now. There are simply too many domestic superstars not ready to take their form to the international arena. There were no big upsets, not many amazing games and it got worse as it went along. Worth watching, but definately didn't live up to the promise of the first ten days by any means.

In Arsenal news, we're being linked with any large, tough tackling midfielder and without wanting to jump on the bandwagon thats been clocking up miles for years now, its that type of player that will make an impact for us next year. Whilst Saviola look increasingly likely to join, we need to address midfield and defence. Up front we have Henry, Reyes, RvP, Adebayor, Walcott and possible Saviola. Whilst in central defence we've got KT, big Phil, Djourou and Pascal and in central midfield we've got Cesc, Gilberto, Flamini and Song. Quite an imbalance no?

I'd love to see Appiah or Yaya arrive to stiffen the centre of the park and Davies to come to centre back. Davies does seem a good player, but are we judging him on that one good game he had against us? I'm sure many on the net would be screaming bloody murder if £8 million was the fee and he played normally against us. For that reason, I feel Davies would be a good investment but paying Lillian Thurams wages for one or two seasons would be nice as well! KT is an awesome athelete and now defender, but I'm not convinced he should be THE senior centre back just yet. He's one of my favourites and a cult hero but who can say having Thuram as an option would harm our youngsters development.

Thuram, Davies, Appiah/Yaya and Saviola as a luxury would be a good summers shopping...and even if we do sign Javi Saviola first, Wenger isn't stupid enough to not sign in the positions mentioned above...Have patience!!

Oh, and well done to Kolo on his 'promotion' to number 5. Its awesome to see him recognised at last. Anyone think we could see number 10 being retired now? I only see it being given to an uber-signing like Torres but anyone wearing it apart from God simply wouldn't be right.


At 3:02 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

djourou is going to be a great centre half, we've no need foer davies - he's the same but not as good and no world cup experience! Why? Rio's playing football with Sol's dependability. i just hope we get an old centre back like thuram to mature them


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