Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Dinamo Zagreb v Arsenal

Season proper begins tonight then!

Getting Zagreb was a tough one in the draw; not only is the Croation league stronger than say, the Lithuanian one but they are already into their season and will therefore have far more match fitness than us.

The team put out will be a young one with a few big names missing but my real interest comes in whether Adebayor and RvP can perform together provided they both start. If the 4-5-1 served us so well last season, will we see this stick or will we go 4-4-2. Away from home in a tough qualifier against a team more up to speed than us would make me favour the lone striker approach today and then use 4-4-2 at the Emirates. Rosicky will also be someone to watch tonight; he won't be starting apparently, but when and where he comes on could be interesting. Also, if we see Reyes start, assume that all the Madrid talk is just the kind of thing that their piece of shit papers bring up every week with our players.

If we want to go only eleven minutes further and win the European Cup, we'll have to beat better teams than Zagreb but a draw wouldn't be the worst result in the world; leaving it entirely in our hands back home. For me, this soon after an 11 month season for most of our players would do me just fine for now.

Apparently there are always goals involved with Zagreb, but we aren't shy either and I'm going for a narrow win with Ade-cool being a pivitol figure.

Come on you goooooners!