Monday, August 07, 2006

The wait is almost over

The wait is over in more ways than one this week. I am back after an absence of birthdays and seeing the best hard rock band on the planet, but more importantly the wait is almost over for the new season players apparently!

All sorts of swap rumours are flying round that I'm sure you know of - the Gallas/Cole and Reyes cash for Ribery type things, but rarely do swap deals happen. Capello doesn't seem like the type to tolerate Reyes; his wingers at Juve were Nedved and Camoranesi. Much more centrally focused than if you put Reyes out wide, although he can, debateably, play up front.

Ash is off and everyones feelings on that have been clear for a long time. If Gallas is included, great, but lets not get our hopes up. The knock on effect of getting £16 million + is that other clubs know we have cash and we have to pay over the odds. Ribery is realistic but we don't need him is Jose sticks around.
Wenger has come out in the press and talked about experienced players today; one, perhaps two of them. To me, depth is as important as some earth shattering multi miilion pound Torres type signing. Our first eleven will compete with anyone, but take out Jens, Kolo and TH14 and suddenly the lack of experience will haunt us.

Its kicking into gear and we will sign players buy the time the new season begins. Its just a matter of patience.

On a lighter note, and as much as it pains me to say it, I've not yet had a chance to congratulate Spurs on bleeding the Mancs dry on Carrick - the twenty first century David Batty.

Just imagine the terrifying midfield pair of Carrick and Peter 'O'shea' Kay! Hehehehe